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1, explosion-proof tire. In summer, the temperature is high, tire rubber is easy to soften, and the load of the banknote truck itself is large. Therefore, at any time, the tire pressure is checked at any time, and the tire is overheated and the pressure is too high. The car should be stopped in the cool place. It can not be poured with cold water, and do not give up. Otherwise, it will lead to the early damage of the tire and tire.
2. Anti gas resistance. Because of the high temperature in summer, the speed of heat dissipation is limited, the driving speed of the car is slow, the engine speed is high, the heat dissipation is difficult, and the "gas resistance" is easy to appear, so that the engine can not start for a few minutes. Once air resistance occurs, the driver should immediately stop and cool down and remove the malfunction. If your vehicle is hydraulically braking, it is prone to air blockage when braking at high temperature and high speed, resulting in sudden failure of the brake.

3, prevent water shortage. In high temperature weather, the water in the tank is evaporated. We should always check the cooling water and pay attention to the water temperature meter. The cooling water should be added to the appropriate position before leaving the car. When you find water shortage, you should stop immediately, but you should not add water immediately, but when the idle speed is cooled, the water should be replenished, and pay attention to not opening the radiator cap immediately to prevent scald.
4, protect the lacquer surface. Car wash should pay attention to protecting the lacquer surface of the banknote transport car, the temperature rises in the summer, and should not let the money car stop directly under direct sunlight, which will damage the paint surface of the banknote transport car.
5, protect glass. The bulletproof glass of the banknote truck is produced by multi-layer composite technology. The life of the bulletproof glass will be shortened in the sun and the protection function is reduced. Therefore, the car should be parked in the garage without sun exposure and under the shade of the trees.
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