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First, as a patrol security guard, we must regularly inspect some of the company's internal security facilities, so that we can detect security risks in a timely manner, if we find problems, we should report to the responsible security manager in a timely manner, for immediate treatment.
Secondly, patrol security personnel are also responsible for the safety monitoring of parking lot and other places, timely detection and prevention of vehicles parked in violation of regulations and other unrelated personnel except drivers into the parking lot.
Third, patrol security personnel need to timely verify the validity of the personnel wearing certificates in the factory, if found in the process of verification, did not wear identification witnesses in the factory, it must be questioned and checked, if found to be non-factory employees and there is no visiting information in the duty room, should immediately The poor asked about the way of entry, and reported to the manager, depending on the circumstances of the plot to deal with it differently.
Fourth, patrol and security guards should also prevent people from outside the factory, discarding dangerous goods to the factory area, but also to supervise the factory staff compliance with discipline and law, to prevent insiders from colluding in secret, to prevent accidents.
As a qualified patrol security personnel, we only fully understand their work first, only in this way can we ensure that we do not make mistakes in the process of work.
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