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  Every professional security service company has its own security system. Professional security service companies have done several important works in order to mobilize everyone's enthusiasm, and at the same time to do a good job in community protection, which are shown in the following aspects.
  1. Perfect the system of assessment rewards and punishments, comprehensively implement the obligation of public security preparedness contract; standard team management, improve the quality of security team; unified management of security work; relatively unified attendance and assessment of security (, the public security sub-bureau should formulate a scientific and feasible management plan and implement unified management.
  2. Set up mobile units, improve the handling ability of emergency affairs, select security personnel with quiet years, good health and high comprehensive quality, after rigorous pre-job training, equip them properly and set up mobile sub-units. Establish a rapid response of the engine, and effectively improve the ability to deal with emergencies.
  3. Improve the system of rewards and punishments for assessment, comprehensively implement the obligation of contracting for public security preparedness, and establish and improve a set of rules and regulations for security forces, including inspection, surveillance and assessment. According to the comprehensive conditions of community scope, public security situation and population factors, we should focus on the links of community-based, public security preparedness, case control and public rest rate, and refine the work norms.
  Nowadays, security guards can be seen everywhere in property districts and office buildings. What are the requests for security services?
  1. Safety: Safety is the first requirement of security work. Security service companies should establish a positive attitude of preparedness, constantly improve their own ability of security preparedness, cooperate with public security departments and local governments to do a good job of public security and fire protection, and strive to make owners have a safe working and living environment.
  2. Orderly: In the property area, the owner not only needs the equipment and equipment of the property to operate orderly, but also needs the personnel of the property to communicate with each other. Vehicles should be executed in an orderly order. In case of an emergency, the security personnel should be busy and not disorderly. They should deal with it in a timely and orderly manner and handle it properly. This kind of safe and orderly working and living environment will surely bring a warm sense of living to the owners.
  3. Image: Security service is the first impression of the property. Good security service, uniform security team, strict discipline and excellent security personnel can improve the level of the property and make the owners feel safe. Not only that, security service image can increase the impact of the property in the public, it is to maintain and increase the value of the property. Property companies get good reputation.
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