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  With the development of so many years, the security company has basically formed a set of effective management methods. But the development of the industry is not very mature, and there is no special management department, so the common problems in the management of security team still exist. The existing management problems of security include the following four categories:


  First, the loss of the players. The main reason for the loss of security personnel is that the "three low" of the security guards is low in status, low in income and low in quality. In addition, the loss of the players because of the lack of management is also a reason that can not be ignored.


  Two, the quality of security service. Management is not in place, the factors that affect the quality of service in the team are not effectively controlled, and the problems raised by the customers can not be solved repeatedly.

  三、保安队伍的士气。由于管理的偏颇和不到位,一些本应得到奖励的队员没能得到奖励,相反应受到处罚的人和事,没有受到处罚,赏罚不明,干好干坏一个样,优秀队员也就失去做好工作的信心,形成“事不关己高高挂起” 的态度,我行我素,使保安队伍的正气得到不弘扬,士气得不到鼓舞。

  Three. The morale of the security team. Because of the bias and management is not in place, some of this should be rewarded players not get reward, punishment phase reaction of people and things, there is no punishment, reward and punishment unknown, ganhaoganhuai a kind, good players will lose confidence in doing the job, "none of my business armchair attitude, as the security the team does not promote justice, not to boost morale.


  Four, the reputation of the security enterprise. If the state security company does not fulfill the service promise well, it will cause the crisis of trust, which leads to the loss of customer units.


  In order to achieve a harmonious and stable development, the security company must first solve the existing problems from the management. For all security guards, we should carry out professional skills training, education of ideology and regulations, and militarization management, so as to provide our customers with high skilled and high-quality security personnel for safety services.


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