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  It is necessary to strengthen management and control of the key population in the area and other dangerous elements of current destruction by the public security police station.


  We should educate the workers and staff members in patriotism and internationalism. This work should be carried out by the leadership of the party and government at all levels, so that the workers should be friendly to the foreign guests and pay attention to safeguarding the sovereignty, interests and national dignity of our country.


  It is also necessary for the foreign guests to engage in translation, reception personnel, and service personnel to carry out foreign affairs discipline and the conservative education of the state, so that they are not so humble as to do harm to foreign relations and do not harm the interests of the state. The security organization should understand his political performance through relevant departments, and find the problems in time to reflect to the leaders.


  The security organization should closely cooperate with the relevant departments, carry out enemy investigation and grasp the trend of enemy affairs. It is necessary to report the relevant departments of the public security organs, do a good job of reconnaissance and control, prevent the information destruction of foreign spy agents and safeguard the security of the state.


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