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  Zhang Juncheng, from Shanxi Province, is known by the media as "the first person to study safely in Peking University". In 1995, he was admitted to Peking University as a security guard. In 1998, he was admitted to Peking University Law Adult College Entrance Examination for junior college diploma. Now he is the vice principal of a middle school. In 2001, Zhang Liyong, a high school dropout and dining hall chef of Tsinghua University, rose to fame with a high score of 670 and 630 in the TOEFL English test.
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  What changed them? Make them different security guards?
  It is said that Peking University has a unique learning atmosphere. Campus students and security age is similar, the unknown lake, Boyata often in the students'reading, the infiltration of the environment, may let love to read, love to test security.
  What kind of security guard will work while learning? In real life, facing the severe pressure of survival, how many people can insist on learning?
  For decades, diplomas and professional titles have been the most important factors in talent assessment. Adult education, whether admitted or not, is a part of higher education, but in recent years, due to blind expansion, the quality of education has declined, affecting the content of higher education. It is not entirely clear whether security personnel who have obtained these certificates have gained wider living space and higher class mobility.
  Today, the concept of talent and values of society are gradually diversified. Not only the concept of education, but also the concept of ability and morality are forming a consensus. The idea of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and respecting individual differences is gradually accepted by more and more people. In people's eyes, security is the most unprofessional occupation, but the "security guard of Peking University" sends a signal to the whole society: through the college entrance examination to change themselves. An excellent school should provide upward and upward motivation for all, provide more open and diversified resources, and encourage people to change the status quo and improve themselves through struggle. An excellent university should devote itself to improving the community environment and leading the social fashion while doing a good job in teaching and scientific research.
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  In-service education for workers, making full use of their spare time, in the form of fragments, with low intensity, and with the rapid renewal of knowledge nowadays, provides a relatively extensive education and training system for workers, supplemented by rich working experience, mature social experience, and improves the quality of labor force, which is meaningless.
  "We will strive to ensure that 1.3 billion people enjoy better and more equitable education so that they can develop themselves, contribute to society and benefit the people." Since the 18th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has talked about education many times. Education is the core element of human modernization. Guaranteeing educational equity, especially at the bottom level, is of more profound significance to promoting social equity.
  If the whole society can be like Peking University, if every small environment can create an atmosphere of striving to change the status quo, then more people will be awakened by the desire for progress. Although this desire originates from the individual, it can influence the society and form a positive and hopeful force of the times.
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