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  Security personnel equipment represents the image of the whole security company, so the correct equipment with Dongying security service is to reflect the overall spirit of the whole face. While carrying out their work in accordance with the company's rules and regulations, security personnel, as on duty and Community Patrol personnel, must wear uniform signs, obvious safety, uniform dress, neat dress, safety helmet, white gloves and so on. The security guards demanded uniform tidiness and cleanliness, no obvious oil stains, and uniforms were accepted into the hem, not to be exposed. In summer, don't roll up your cuffs and raise your legs to prevent the impact of the device. Do not wear colored glasses and headphones during work to prevent ongoing work.
  东营保安服务保安人员除了坚持穿标准外,还需要注意自己的值班过程行为,是否影响公司的形象。 东营保安公司要求保安员在站岗过程中站直,不要低头低头玩手机。 他们不应该依靠墙壁和柱子来确保他们的立场是正直的。 腿叉,保持自然的立场。 巡逻时,眼睛周围看,注意可疑的趋势,留在有效的区域,不要乱乱,与熟人聊天。 无论是站着还是巡逻,都要保持高度的精神态度,行为和待遇的行为标准状态,没有笑声闹事。
  In addition to sticking to the standard of wearing, Dongying security service security personnel also need to pay attention to their own on-duty process behavior, whether it affects the company's image. Dongying Security Company requires the security guards to stand upright during the process of standing guard and not to bow their heads and play with mobile phones. They should not rely on walls and pillars to ensure their integrity. Leg fork, keep a natural position. When patrolling, look around your eyes, pay attention to suspicious trends, stay in an effective area, don't mess around, and chat with acquaintances. Whether standing or patrolling, we should maintain a high level of mental attitude, behavior and treatment of the standard of conduct, no laughter and riots.
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