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  With the development of economy and the progress of people's life and death, people's living environment is no longer limited to the warmth of residential areas and the decoration of residential buildings, and the safety management of residential areas is more and more popular. As for residential area, how to choose the residential area monitoring scheme has become the key point for project engineers to establish residential area monitoring.
  How to choose the district monitoring scheme? The joining of Dongying Security Company needs to be analyzed according to the different conditions of the community.
  First of all, we should understand the theoretical issues to be dealt with in the district monitoring scheme. As a place for people to live and rest, the community should ensure the safety of people's wealth and be alert to hidden dangers such as theft and robbery. Therefore, it is necessary to know what central monitoring equipment the community should install, and several points need to install monitoring equipment and other issues.
  Secondly, the monitoring equipment should be able to clearly and accurately shoot the environmental monitoring area. The monitoring area is not only visible, but also visible. Therefore, according to the different conditions of different regions, different equipment should be selected.
  Thirdly, there are security problems in the monitoring area of the residential area. We should call the monitoring records in time, carefully monitor the records for how long, and need to know the storage cycle of storage equipment, so as to deal with the danger.
  Finally, security is a comprehensive prevention of air defense, technical defense and material defense. We can not rely solely on surveillance heads, such as things stolen, videos were recorded, but the people in the videos, the public security bureau can not find records, can not find thieves, the fundamental problem has not been dealt with. Best of all, through three aspects of comprehensive prevention, reduce the possibility of theft.
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