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  Over the past few years, Dongying Security Company has joined in strengthening the fire training of every security personnel, trying to make all security workers have perfect fire fighting skills and knowledge. In the first time of all kinds of fires and accidents, effective measures should be taken to disperse the population and reduce the loss of public wealth. So what basic fire fighting skills and knowledge should security personnel control?
  Fire fighting skills and knowledge that security personnel should possess第一、控制本人担任区域范围内一切灭火器、防火门以及消火栓等根本设备的置放点,并且控制不同消防设备的正确运用办法。
  Firstly, control myself as the place of all the basic equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire doors and hydrants in the area, and control the correct use of different fire fighting equipment.
  Secondly, assist the units I serve to set up perfect fire fighting files, and confirm the key fire fighting parts according to the survey data.
  Thirdly, we need to inspect relevant fire safety places every day, find hidden fire hazards or safety accidents in time, and make repayments to relevant guidance, and record relevant matters.
  Fourth, any unit will be equipped with different fire fighting equipment, Dongying Security Company joined in advocating that security personnel regularly maintain the operation status of such basic equipment to ensure that the performance of each fire fighting equipment is intact and effective, and can be used in the time of fire.
  Fifth, regularly check whether there is obstruction at the safe exit, and do a good job of decentralized disposal, adhere to the unimpeded fire lane, can not exist occupancy behavior.
  Sixth, if the scope of security personnel needs to use open fire, then security personnel should stop monitoring and maintenance at the scene to ensure that serious accidents do not occur.
  Seventh, skillful control of different fire outbreaks, can take relevant emergency measures, and call 119 alarms immediately, can quickly organize all around the force that can be used, stop the initial effect of rescue operations, do a good job of decentralization of relevant personnel.
  Eighth, assist the relevant departments to investigate the causes of the fire, and do a good job in all the aftermath work after the fire extinguishing, to provide factual information.
  我们能够发现,近两年当中,东营保安公司加盟增强了对保安人员的消防培训,这样的趋向之下,使得各个地域的不测火灾事故也降低了不少。由此可见,保安人员控制根本的消防技艺和消防学问,关于做好安保方面的工作有着一定的协助。想要理解更多关于保安行业的实时资讯,欢送大家随时关注我们网站的更新动态。本文来源:http://www.dyzhongtebao.comWe can find that in the past two years, Dongying Security Company has joined in to enhance the training of security personnel in fire fighting. Under this trend, unexpected fire accidents in various regions have been reduced a lot. It can be seen that security personnel control the basic fire fighting skills and knowledge, and have certain assistance in doing a good job of security. Want to understand more real-time information about the security industry, welcome you to pay attention to the update of our website at any time. Source: