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  Recruitment of security personnel is only a prerequisite, and the stability of security personnel is the key. Only by recruiting security personnel and ensuring their stability can we meet the needs of scale development and quality improvement of security forces.
  Team leaders are responsible for the first line of work on the spot to retain important tasks, team leadership cohesion, affinity, good care and care for the team, good at helping the team, in order to reduce team turnover and ensure the stability of the security team.
  Therefore, the project departments should formulate practical security supervision policies, and give necessary rewards to the stationed captains who rely on subjective efforts to solve security problems on their own, rather than actively seeking help from their superiors. For the low turnover rate of security personnel and the stable mentality of the team members, the necessary rewards must also be given to the stationed team leader of Beijing security enterprises to reduce operating costs. Only in this way can we fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the resident captain in the recruitment and stabilization of security personnel, so that the security team is in a benign state of operation.
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