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  The operation needs of security companies should pay attention to publicity and education, implement the rules and regulations of Dongying Security and Defense Company, and accomplish various tasks. Through publicity and education, we should raise the awareness of leading cadres and security personnel at all levels and enhance their awareness.
  Official documents issued by security companies, especially guidance documents issued by some important leaders, are often not only issued to organizations and groups, but also need to meet with ordinary security personnel directly. Publishing documents not only conveys policy intentions, tells people how to do it, but also explains why.
  For example, the decision of operation and management of Dongying Safety Company"and the announcement of several times by Dongying Communist Party of China on safety company are extremely important documents, which play an extremely important role in the purpose, task, method and policy of company management, as well as how to prevent deviation, eliminate"bad"deficiencies, and correctly implement company management. Through these documents, the policies and opinions of the board of directors of the company have been publicized, and the management of the company has been guided, so that the company can have a clear goal, step by step to complete the management tasks.
  Documents such as service agreements and contracts signed by both parties shall be based on evidence. Evidence that can prove the terms of the agreement reached by the two parties, the responsibilities and obligations undertaken by them depends on the effect of the reply. If you violate the agreement or contract, you should be held accountable.
  Introductory letters, certification materials and various certificates issued by the company can prove a person's identity, position, qualifications and assigned tasks, or prove relevant experience and situation, etc. They all have the function of proof.
  The company's meeting records, telephone records, meeting records, various registration forms, etc., also have the function of recording vouchers. It is a document of other contents, because each part reflects the intentions of the company's production and distribution departments, and receivers and units can use it as a basis for implementation or treatment of problems.
  Any document is a historical record of the activities of companies, organs and units. It is not only to convey their intentions, but also to prove their intentions.
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