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  The gate guard service of Dongying security company is not unfamiliar to all of us. Because people can see their service every day in their lives, such as in the community, in the factory, etc., what details do they need to pay attention to when they stop the gate guard service? Let's see the introduction below.
  Precautions when Dongying security company stops on duty:
  First of all, when the security personnel stop on duty, they have a great chance of breaking into the gate post. In this case, they need to respond immediately. For those who break into the gate without certificate, they need to identify them in time and check them severely. At the same time, they need to take corresponding measures quickly to prevent the intruders from stopping all kinds of non activities in the guard area, so as to damage the interests of customers. Benefit.
  Secondly, in the process of work, we must pay close attention to all intentions around the gate. If we find that there is a situation or motivation for private intrusion, we must stop it in time. When necessary, we can prompt the private intruders to show their certificates or order them to be separated. If people with suspicious identities are active around the gate, we need them to immediately separate their service areas and different persuasions. Intruders need to call the police immediately.
  In addition, if the intruder does not have a certificate, the security personnel can put down the handrail or close the gate to block in addition to the verbal warning. When going to work or entering and leaving the peak period, the security personnel should let the person who does not show his / her certificate show his / her Certificate in time. At the same time, the security personnel should also make corresponding disposal to the intruder. If the unit forgets to wear his / her certificate, he / she can notify him / her. The Department of the unit shall guide the entry and exit procedures; the external personnel can also be led in and out by the reception personnel of the unit department.
  Finally, pay attention to your service plan when you stop working at the gate to prevent conflicts. The security guard of the gate should always insist on subduing education and cultural duty to avoid conflicts. As for the employees and normal contacts of the unit, be patient to introduce the access control management system. At the same time, take the initiative to contact the unit by phone. Guide or related closed door reception disposal, if it is abnormal access, we must insist on stopping.
  This is the details that Dongying security company should pay attention to when it stops guard duty. In the process of stopping guard service, the chance of conflict is very high, so the security personnel need to find out their working methods in the process of service, and pay attention to the methods in the process of work to prevent all conflicts as much as possible.
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